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Media Relations

Getting your organization and your cause above the fold is what we do best. From our experiences on presidential campaigns to running communications for major advocacy organizations, we’ve built relationships with the top reporters for inside-the-Beltway publications, the New York Times, CNN and more. Not only will we manage all aspects of your earned media work, we’ll also prepare and train your spokespeople to speak on-the-record and on-camera. Hire us for a training or as part of your larger package of our work together – either way, we’ll give you the tips and tools you need to win the debate and new supporters for your issue.

Services include:

  • Earned media strategy
  • Thought leadership
  • Media pitching (print, radio, TV, podcasts)
  • Materials drafting, including op-eds, statements, releases and blog posts
  • Rapid response
  • Press conference planning & execution
  • Media training: on-camera and on-the-record
  • Communications workshops
  • Tailored communications handbooks
  • Template communications materials

Case Study: Center for Popular Democracy

How do you break through a crowded news cycle and push forward the progressive movement’s agenda?

For our work with the largest multi-racial organizing network, we pointed the media towards creative actions and published a steady stream of op-eds from leaders of the movement. Whether it’s helping kayaktivists protesting Joe Manchin outside his yacht go viral on late night talk shows and cable news or creating media moments between members of congress and activists during civil disobedience actions outside the Supreme Court, New Heights amplified not only our clients but the issues we’re all working together to move forward.

After Roe was overturned we drew national attention for the Center for Popular Democracy’s actions on Capitol Hill which included the arrests of several members of congress, including AOC. Our media coverage, which included interview spots on MSNBC and stories in the Washington Post and CNN, also spurned op-ed collaborations with congressional leaders and sparked a discourse about civil disobedience.

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