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Strategic Communications & Strategy Development

Is this your first time making communications a priority? Are you bringing in new leadership? Is your board demanding a new strategic plan? New Heights provides communications audits and overhauls for local nonprofits and large national coalitions alike. We get to know your organization (almost as well as you do), then develop a communications plan that works for you—and your entire team.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be so daunting! How do you gauge your communications potential when you can’t forecast what will make headlines in the next 3-5 years? We have helped many organizations create their strategic plan and successfully execute it. First, we’ll evaluate your current capacity and progress. Then we’ll get to work on a realistic plan to take your communications to the next level.  We are attuned to cyclical trends in the media and can help you anticipate upcoming events and identify which of your projects, events, or deliverables will be media-worthy. We’ll ensure that communications is integrated into all aspects of the plan, including fundraising, digital communications, and outreach. Then we’ll put your plan into action.

Planning a change in leadership or re-branding your organization? We’ve been there and done that, too. New Heights will help you roll out your big transitions in ways that make the most impact with your supporters, donors, and the public alike.

Services include:

  • Communications audits
  • Strategic plan drafting
  • Strategic planning advice
  • Leadership transition roll-out planning
  • Branding change roll-out planning

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