Senior Associate

Nicole Watkins

In her role, she combines her design experience, passion for amplifying voices, and desire to make an impact.

Meet Nicole

Nicole Watkins is a Senior Associate at New Heights Communications. In her role, she specializes in securing press coverage, branding, and graphic design. Passionate about amplifying voices and making an impact, she uplifts clients across issues, including advocating for public lands, gun violence prevention, election security, democracy issues, and more. Nicole relentlessly pursues her clients’ goals, whether securing coverage in national outlets, curating social media thought leadership, or weaving a client’s voice into an impactful op-ed. With broad design experience, Nicole oversees the New Heights branding and jumps at the opportunity to create design materials for a client.

Nicole Watkins

Before joining New Heights, Nicole was a Reggio-inspired early childhood educator and successfully fought for better benefits and resources for educators as a school board member. Previously, she worked as an intern and consultant on the American Red Cross Media Team. With the Red Cross, Nicole supported communicators during natural disasters, worked on national campaigns, and wrote stories covering humanitarian crises abroad. Nicole holds a BA in Public Relations and Strategic Communications from American University.

Fun fact: A history nerd at heart, Nicole loves to learn and is always down to swap fun facts, particularly regarding the Pony Express.