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 Our team doesn’t just advise and support. We’re also out there ourselves, offering our expertise on the media and political landscapes that we’re helping to shift. We are advocates and commentators who learn as we do. We’re proud of our voice and–even more so–using that voice to support the work of our partners and clients. We’ve been in the green room before election night, written pieces that help shift the Overton window, and been part of the battle for a more equitable democracy.


 We’re in the news–and we’re writing about it. From interviews on broadcast TV to recent trainings, we are constantly thinking about shifting events and working to equip those we work with to respond accordingly. Whether it’s analyzing the latest election results or developing new approaches to engage with reporters amidst a shifting digital landscape (goodbye Twitter?!), we’re often thinking about how to understand the political moment and help others respond effectively–and make the biggest impact possible.

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