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The New Heights team offers backgrounds in all aspects of communications, campaigns, advocacy, and management, bringing an integrated approach to our work. Whether it’s running an advocacy campaign to eliminate the death penalty (we’ve done that), devising and implementing the strategy to win billions for public transit (yep, also us), or telling the stories of #MeToo victims in national outlets (you got it), we’re your team.

We got our start on presidential campaigns, so we believe that the rules of the trail apply to anyone seeking to deliver an impactful message: Tell stories, not policy prescriptions. Define yourself before others define you.  And remember, the toughest fights are often the ones most worth winning. 


We’re looking for a digital storyteller who has a passion for compelling content and managing the different parts of digital communications — from social media to email marketing to web management. The Digital Director will serve as the lead strategist for our clients’ digital needs and will be in charge of cooking up comprehensive digital plans and tactics to meet their goals on the interwebs.


Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez, Director, is a communications professional with a background in crisis communications, government affairs and issue advocacy. He was the first in his fa

Amy Liu

Amy Liu is a Fellow at New Heights Communications. Amy joins the team with a background in media relations and public policy as she...

Aurora Matthews
Vice President

Aurora Matthews is an award-winning writer and communications and public affairs strategist. As Vice President at New Heights Communications she brings more than ten yea

Alexis Stanley

Alexis Stanley is an Associate at New Heights Communications. She comes to New Heights from Minnesota Voice, where she was the Digital Communications Manager, and previ

Christy Setzer

Christy Setzer is the President and Founder of New Heights Communications, a Washington, DC public affairs firm that provides strategic and communications counsel to mis

Danielle Strasburger
Senior Associate

Danielle Strasburger is a Senior Associate at New Heights Communications with a background in grassroots organizing and progressive non-profits. After graduating from Har

Ian Moor
Senior Associate

Ian Moor is a Senior Associate at New Heights who joined the team in 2019. He specializes in helping clients communicate the right message...

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen, Principal at New Heights Communications, is an award-winning political consultant who has worked at the intersection of policy, politics, advocacy, communicat

Lauren Henson
Senior Associate

Lauren Henson is a Senior Associate at New Heights Communications. Lauren joins the team with a background in both digital and traditional communications experience....

Ritvika Chandra
Digital Advisor

Coming into her 4th election cycle, Ritvika Chandra has nearly a decade of experience as a digital consultant. She is laser-focused on using her...

Veronica Hughes
Business Manager

Veronica Hughes is an experienced professional in the areas of organizational management including accounting, creating processes, working with boards and payroll/benefit

Solace Duncan

Solace Duncan was a Senior Associate at New Heights. She was inspired to champion important causes during an international campaign to promote couple’s HIV counseling.

Advancing justice is never easy, but at New Heights, we know that “we all do better, when we all do better.”

Skills, Etc.

Public Affairs & Issue Advocacy

New Heights drives smart, tough public affairs campaigns by promoting issue advocacy that moves lawmakers, allies and the media to action. Learn More

Media Relations

Whether you need coverage in the New York Times, the tiniest of local outlets, or all of the above, we’ll craft a strategy to get you the headlines you want— and avoid those you don’t. Learn More

Strategic and Crisis Communications

When opponents attack, an internal crisis occurs or there’s a dramatic shift in your organization, New Heights is here to create a strategic communications plan—and to help you implement it. Learn More

Digital Services

We know how to tell stories online in compelling, creative and persuasive ways. Our digital services include social network management, ad placement and development, graphic design and web development.

Litigation Communications

When you need progress in the courtroom instead of Congress, New Heights knows how to move the dial.

Media Training

Even the best message requires excellent delivery. At New Heights, we’re not just media trainers; we also interview guests ourselves. From conducting hundreds of national media interviews, we know exactly what to do when the cameras are on– and what mistakes to avoid. We’ll help you ace your interview, every time. Learn More

Our clients are on a mission to change the world and need communications systems that can keep up with them. New Heights is up for the challenge.

We’ll make sure you’re reaching the right audiences and leveraging the best digital and traditional communications tools to tell your stories. We’ll advise on the best strategy, provide capacity when your teams are strapped, and be a true partner along the way.

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