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Digital Marketing for Whistleblower Law Firms

The Challenge

A law firm client’s whistleblower practice wanted to target potential clients in select markets. This digital marketing campaign differed in other mobilizing campaigns as there were additional challenges given the nature of the issue and that people are more concerned about privacy on digital platforms.

The Approach

We recommended a digital marketing campaign that made smart use of social media. Given the discreet nature of attracting potential whistleblowers, we created a Facebook conversion campaign, but ensured that people wouldn’t have to engage directly on Facebook with the content. Instead, we created a landing page where they would be directed to. We then leveraged geo-framing capabilities, targeting audiences in specific locations and converting device IDs to IP addresses to target them wherever they were and at home. Finally, we created a website and optimized it for mobile visitors, as well as created digital ads.

The Result

To the law firm’s delight, the campaign successfully yielded multiple submissions from potential clients.

Credit Markus Spiske

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